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Introducing Stealth Mode

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What Is Stealth Mode?

Stealth Mode protects your identity. This mode hides your name, image, video and web links –only allowing employers and other users to search and connect with you based on merit and qualification.

Concealing Your Name From Your Employer

Hiding Your Image & Personal Video

Still Allowing Your Skills & Qualifications To Be Seen

Benefits Of Stealth Mode

  • Allows Employer’s to find you and offer you a job without jeopardizing your current job.
  • Allows Employer’s to view your current preferences and offer you more if you’re the right fit.
  • Allows you to continuously promote and market yourself.
  • Allows you to receive and review multiple job notifications so you don’t feel stuck.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m in Stealth Mode and an Employer search’s to find someone with my skill-sets, will I be revealed?

No, your name, image, video and web links will not be revealed, your profile is matched based on your skills-sets and merit that they will be able to review and still connect and message you.

Can an Employer message me if I’m in Stealth Mode?

Yes, You will be able to view them and have the option to either “Ignore or Accept their message”. They will not be able to identify you unless you choose to reply and divulge yourself to them.

If I’m in Stealth Mode and actively seeking employment, can an employer see my identity?

No, unless you were previously connected with that employer or previously applied for a job with that employer that they accepted your connection.

Can I apply for a job in Stealth Mode and remain anonymous?

No, user’s that apply for a job in Stealth Mode will be revealed.

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