Frequently Asked Questions

After finding a job you would like to apply for, click on the “apply” button on the job listing and follow the directions.
Yes, you are able to write a cover letter with your application when applying for a job.
We’re FREE for both Job Seekers and Employers. We help Job Seekers stand out, to Get Noticed and Get Hired by giving them the tools to enhance their skills, experience and unique qualities. We help Employers save time and money by posting unlimited jobs for FREE; they have the ability to identify, screen, store, and manage resumes at no cost with our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software.
Click on the “forgot password link” and follow the directions.
Click on “account settings” in your account dropdown and from there you can edit your password.
Your username is the email address you used to create your account.
You can't change your email address associated with your faces2hire account, however you can create a new account with another email address.
Your profile is a representation of who you are. The more information you place in your profile, the more activity you may receive.
No, however you can make it inactive if you wish.
Yes, if you have an account you may message them directly.
Yes, however it must comply with our Terms and Conditions.
Employers can create or upload videos under the "edit your profile page" and "corporate culture".
Employers can create or upload two 5-minute videos.
Yes, you may record multiple times until you are satisfied, then "accept".
Yes, follow the instructions in the section that says “upload my video”.
Depending on your internet connection and length of your video, it should take only a few minutes.
No, however the more information you add will create a more complete Employer profile.
You can search for jobs on the home page of the website, or click on “search” in the navigation. Then click on “search jobs” in the drop down and you will be brought to the job search page.
Complete as much of your profile as possible, and include relevant key words that are specific to the industry or job you are seeking.
Go to your profile and click on “Stealth Mode”.
No, setting up an account enables you to communicate with employers
Yes, however applying for a job or contacting an employer requires having an active account.
Yes, we call this the “Job Search Agent” where our system works around the clock to bring new jobs to you. You can edit this feature on the "Search Agent" page on your dashboard.
No, you can't cancel your account, however you may go to “Edit Profile” and on the first tab you can edit your privacy settings under the “profile status” section. Set your profile to “profile offline” and your profile will be invisible.
One, and it’s FREE!
Go to the “edit your profile” page and click on the profile video tab and begin recording your video. link.
Tips on How to create an effective Video
Yes, you can review your video and re-record before saving it to your profile.
It should take approximately 2 minutes, but varies depending on your internet connection.
No, however adding your social media links creates a more complete profile.
Profile views can be found under your analytics page located in the navigation.
No, but you can make your profile inactive so it can't be viewed by anyone.
Yes, we have multiple privacy features to accommodate anyone’s needs including our faces2hire Stealth Mode.
Yes, this can be found in your account settings under the “block users” section.
You can still search for jobs, however in order to communicate and apply for a job, your profile must be active or in Stealth Mode.
Yes, you can do this by putting your profile in Stealth Mode and then making connections with those companies. Employers can also view your full profile whenever you apply for one of their jobs.
Once you create your account, click on “post a job” in your navigation.
Until you delete it. We will send you notifications to make sure your jobs are still active.
No, you must create an account first.
Click on “your jobs” in the navigation. From there you will see a list of jobs you posted and have the option to edit or delete.
Yes, you can even duplicate jobs using our clone feature.
After creating your account, you can click on search in the navigation. Click “Search Job Seekers” in the drop down and you will be taken to the Job Seeker Search Page.
Yes, you can save Job Seekers by clicking on the “favorite” button on their profile. To review their profiles again, just go to your favorites tab in your navigation.
Yes, click on the "refer" button on the Job Seekers profile.
Your profile includes your resume. When you apply for a job your resume is generated using the content you include in your profile.
Yes, it automatically populates as you complete your profie.
At this time no, but you can convert it and upload it as a PDF. Converting a Word Doc to PDF
Tips on How to create an effective Video
Stealth Mode protects your identity. This mode hides your name, image, web links, documents, and video.
No, only unless you were previously connected with an employer or previously applied for a job with an employer.
No, Job Seekers that apply for a job in Stealth Mode will be revealed.
No, your name, image, video and web links will not be revealed. Your profile is matched based on your skill sets and you will have a chance to view the Employer's profile to determine if you'd like to establish a connection and be revealed at that time.

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