Our Vision

We see a world where looking for a job, or hiring an employee is an easy task. It's a place where Job Seekers are represented for who they are and not misunderstood by a resume. This place is a place where company culture and personalities, skills and talents are valued. Employers are able to save both time and money by learning about candidates and knowing if they are a right fit for the company before the interview takes place.

We see a world where connecting Job Seekers with Employers is an enjoyable experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fresh approach & hassle-free solution that changes the way Job Seekers & Employers connect. We exist to create a positive experience for both sides of the hiring spectrum. From job seeking, to recruiting, to managing the hiring process, we are here to remove the barriers and open communication - creating real connections with real people.

-All for free-

Our Why

The key to impactful technology solutions are innovative, pragmatic ideas developed by compassionate people who are deeply invested in your needs. We look at every problem from every direction and try to figure out the right way to solve it to best suit your needs. We believe in honoring our commitments and striving to do the right thing every time, and that means working our best to make sure your experience with the hiring process is the best that it can be.

With that, we recognized something was missing. If everything is going digital, why are traditional resumes still used as the most important hiring artifact when it does nothing to solve the biggest problem in the hiring process, the disconnect between Job Seekers & Employers? We are here to fix that.

Our Story

“faces2hire.com was built from the belief that no Employer should have to pay to post a job, or hire employees, nor should job seekers be required to pay a fee to find hiring employers or land their dream job.” - Michael Frangedis, Founder

While building multiple businesses, Michael saw that Job Seekers’ resumes were not representing them for who they actually were, and as an Employer, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find good Employees and manage the hiring process. So, he decided to do something about it and faces2hire was born.

Since inception in 2013, we have kept to our roots in remaining a free recruiting tool for both Job Seekers and Employers. We also provide a free all in one Applicant Tracking System (ATS) geared towards small businesses, assisting them in finding, tracking and managing talent during their hiring process.

We are continuously improving and creating innovative tools to break the barriers currently holding back efficient hiring.


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